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Expertise in IMPORT and EXPORT of TAX-FREE Multi Brand vehicles:

Our core business includes Trading of New and Used Vehicles, covering both Left and Right-Hand drive of well-established world-wide brands.

Established in 2012 ; we are propelled by automotive experts, with over two decades of experience in various fields of Automobile industry. We are specialized in Re-Export and Cross-Trade of vehicle brands, such as Mercedes , BMW , Lexus , Land Rover , Honda , Subaru , Toyota , Nissan , Suzuki , GM, Ford , Etc. Our presence of Global Contacts ranges across Middle-East , Far-East , South-East Asia, Europe, CIS, Africa & Americas. Our business also includes in Trading of Trucks , Heavy-Equipment’s , Automotive Spare Parts, Tires, Batteries , Fitment of Soft & Heavy Duty Accessories, Customization of Special Vehicles and NGO Supplies.

We believe in building TRUST by Achieving Professional-Standards. We are COMMITED and strive for Extraordinary-Performance in every area of our business. We are A UNION OF TRUST AND COMMITMENT.

Core Values

Our values anchor on what’s right for our customers, both in terms of the products and services we provide. Our vision is to build lifelong relationships with the customers. Our brand is a promise to the customer. Driven by the ability to satisfy all of our customers’ demands, we grow towards our goal with you. Customer satisfaction is our success.

The Process

At Arabia one, the process of choosing and buying a car is designed hassle free for the customers. Whether it be getting a quotation or delivering a vehicle, all the processes that come with it are eased by our experienced staff so as to take the load off your shoulders. Our team is dedicated to providing you with complete services when it comes to banking formalities, logistics and documentation. Our continuous follow up through all the necessary channels will ensure safe and easy delivery of your favourite vehicles.


We have the best of banking facilities that provide real time transactions. We forgo undue sophistication keeping in mind the customer’s time and comfort thus making the banking processes simply easy. We have access to a number of International banks that enable us deal with the legalities associated with finance when buying a vehicle. And we simply do it all for you.

Easy Documentation

We maintain accurate and well-organized business process documentation that helps to avoid chaos and keep things efficient and consistent. Standardizing and scaling the things that already work for you, is the best quality of Arabia One. Making it visual we stay clear, concise, and to the point.


Arabia One offers ideal stock management facilities in the export business. We optimize the transshipment of cars with the help of the most up-to-date logistics and has grown in recent years to become one of the most important Middle East and African distribution centers for the export industry. Our logistic concepts designed to meet the specific needs of our individual customers.

Dubai, the Business Hub

Ideally located and globally connected. Dubai’s geostrategic location and good logistical links are clearly feeding to its development as an international automotive hub. The automotive sector in Dubai has seen some spectacular growth in recent times. Being located in Dubai, Arabia one enjoys the benefit of the rapidly developing international business hub.

We are backed by highly competent professionals in sourcing, trading and logistics.

This means Unequivocal and proven credentials in the following fields.

  • Cross-trade and Re-exports
  • Sourcing the right product, with the right technology, for the right market, at the right price.
  • Mutually beneficial payment terms.
  • Compliance with all the relevant market-specific legal & shipping formalities
  • Acquainted with contemporary multi-mode transport & logistics
  • High standard of customer service with a low ownership cost